Our Faculty Give Four Concerts Each Session, free and open to the public!

The most important way to learn how to play jazz is to listen, so evenings at Litchfield Jazz Camp are filled with faculty concerts.  On Sunday nights the Faculty give concerts in addition to the opening night at camp. Family, friends and the general public are also welcome to these free concerts on campus.

Concert attendance is required for students, but trust us, you won’t want miss them!  This is a huge highlight and inspiration after a day of learning.  These concerts are also open to your families and the public free of charge.

Gunnery School, Washington, CT
7:15 – 8:30pm Monday – Thursday

Watch the video below and hear Music Director, Don Braden, perform an amazing solo with faculty members Eli Yamin on piano, Dezron Douglas on bass and Winard Harper on drums.

Don Braden Cookin’ on the Blues!! from Litchfield Performing Arts on Vimeo.

See the lineup for the 2017 faculty concerts HERE.

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