Information Packet Download – 2018

Orientation materials for the 2018 Litchfield Jazz Camp are now available. You can download, print, review and fill-out the required forms (click “Download 2018 packet” on the right).

Be sure to review all musical materials Don Braden has written on the Musical Preparation page.

LJC Forms

  • Health Exam Form & Medical Care Form:
    These forms are required and are the most important. These pages must be completed by parents or students over 18 and the student’s physician. We cannot allow students to attend camp without these forms on file. This is Connecticut state law and extremely important to the well-being and safety of all students. These forms also allow our on staff nurse to treat the student for minor complaints such as headaches or upset stomach with over the counter medication.

  • Student Permission / Guidelines Form:
    This form is required and gives the student permission to partake in all activities on and off campus. It also covers the basic rules of camp and what is expected of each student. This form must be signed by the parent/guardian and student (student only if age 18 or older)

  • Authorization for Administration of Medicine Form:
    This form is only required if your student has any medicine that will be brought to Camp.  Please note that ALL MEDICATIONS, even daily vitamin supplements and over the counter medications, require this form and must be handed over to our nurse at registration. Students are not allowed to self-administer any medicine. This form must be filled out by the student’s physician. All medications prescription and otherwise (including vitamins etc) must be in their original packaging/labeling. Campers should bring ONLY the amount of medication that they will need for the time they will be at camp.

  • Photo: Please provide/upload a current photo of the student for our records.
  • Essay (Scholarship applicants only!):
    During the online registration process you will upload a one-page essay (approximately 300 words) about your playing/listening experience (jazz, classical, pop) and what you hope to learn and contribute to Litchfield Jazz Camp. If you are a returning student please tell us how Litchfield Jazz Camp has impacted your life (musically, personally), and why you have decided to return.If you have any questions about any of the forms please contact our office. Our nurse will be present during registration if you would like to discuss anything or have any special concerns/instructions.
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