Do drum students need to bring a full drum set?

Drum students do not need to bring full drum sets. We do however strongly recommend that drummers bring cymbals, a hi-hat clutch and a stick bag (sticks, brushes, mallets etc). Please contact our office if you are unable to bring those items.

Do piano students need to bring a keyboard?

Piano students are not required to bring a keyboard. However, if they would like to bring a keyboard for use in their dorm room, or have a keyboard they prefer in their ensemble they are welcome to bring one.

Can I pay by check?

Yes! Payment by check is actually preferred. You can make the check out to Litchfield Performing Arts and send it to:
Litchfield Performing Arts
PO Box 69
Litchfield, CT 06759

Please note that payment (for non-scholarship students) is due June 1st. We ask that all forms be remitted then as well.

What do we need to bring to camp?

  • All bed linens and towels will be provided by Litchfield Jazz Camp. Students must bring pillows and blankets, and if they wish, long single-bed mattress covers. If your provided linens are lost or damaged you will be charged $15. Students will only receive one linen package for the duration of their stay. Those staying multiple sessions will have the opportunity launder linens in the on-campus facilities.
  • A keychain or lanyard for your room key will be provided. Keys should be kept on your person at all times.
  • Bring a small fan: dorms are not air conditioned.
  • Bring toiletries: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower flip-flops, etc. You must have all your own supplies. We recommend a shower caddy.
  • Don’t forget music paper, pencils/paper, flashlight, bug spray, sunblock, camera, rain gear, sweatshirt etc.
  • Students may bring cell phones but these must be silenced during class and performances. Cell phone service on certain carriers is not reliable on campus.
  • Please note that scooters and skateboards are no longer allowed on campus. If brought they will be kept locked in the Camp office until the student checks out.

What time should we arrive on Sunday?

We recommend that students plan to arrive between 10 and 11am. This will make sure they have enough time to complete the instrumental and theory assessments and get settled into their dorm room.

When do I pick my student up?

During all sessions the final student concerts are on campus Friday evening and start around 6:30pm. We will have a checkout table set up through the entire concert so students can checkout at any time during the concert. We post the performance schedule during the week. Students not staying for the following session must check out Friday evening.

Students of session 4 are welcome and encouraged to stay for the festival weekend, and can perform with their ensembles at the festival. There will be times to Checkout out throughout the weekend, including Friday and Saturday. Final checkout is by 9am at the Gunnery school campus on Sunday.

Please see the Festival Student Stage page for more details about the festival weekend, including student stage performances and checkout details.

Will students need spending money during the week?

If staying between sessions, students should have money for weekend trips in town. During the week extra spending money is for snacks or faculty CDs they wish to purchase. We recommend $10-30 per week of extra spending money. Meals are provided during camp and festival weekend. Laundry costs are included in tuition for weekend stays.

Are dorms separated by age?

Dorms are gender separated and loosely separated by age. Roommate assignments are always the same, or within 1 year of age where possible. Residential Assistants live with students in the dorm to help everyone out and ensure a fun and safe environment.

How do I send a package or letter to a student at camp?

Please address the package to:
Student Name c/o Litchfield Jazz Camp 99 Green Hill Road, Washington, CT 06793

How do I contact Camp?

The camp office phone number is 860-210-3970 (active only during camp sessions). The nurse can be reached directly at or 860-488-3997 (active only during camp)

Do students need to buy tickets to the festival? Do parents?

Students do not need to purchase festival tickets, as this is included with tuition. Make sure students hold onto their nametags from camp as this will serve as their entry ticket at the festival grounds.

Parents do need to purchase tickets to enter the festival grounds. However, the checkout location for checking out during the festival grounds will be located near the main gate so you will not need to purchase tickets to pick up your student. During camp registration we will also have a limited time offer for parents to purchase lawn tickets at a discounted rate.

What time are the student concerts?

A student concert is given at the end of each session (Friday nights). End of session student concerts are held on campus. Click here to download a PDF map of the campus, and be sure to check the student concert schedule when it is posted to see when and where your student is performing. Click here to download driving directions to campus.
Student concert schedules will be posted in your online account for download as soon as they are available! Be sure to check back here during the week (Thursday at the latest).
Students from session 4 have the opportunity to perform at the festival on the student stage with their ensemble. Open jam sessions are held as well and students from all sessions are welcome to attend and perform. A full schedule of the festival performance times will be posted here as well prior to the festival.

Will the student concert be live-streamed?

This year we will be live-streaming the student concerts via Facebook live. This will allow parents, family and friends who are unable to attend the concert to watch online. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for details on how to access the live stream.

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