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Nick Roseboro


Born in Seattle, Washington, Nick Roseboro was exposed to jazz by his friends at the age of 13. His teacher and mentor, Robert E. Knatt, asked him to play in the jazz band, which led to musical travels in Europe. Completely committed by the end of high school, Nick moved to New York City to attend New School University where he studied with Reggie Workman, Billy Harper, Charles Tolliver, Junior Mance, Eddie Henderson, Cecil Bridgewater and Rachel Z. He now works with regularly with Rachel Z and has performed with Mulgrew Miller, Victor Lewis, Winard Harper, Joe Chambers, Rene Marie, Kenny Barron, Ralph Peterson and recently rapper, Macklemore who won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2013.

The Nick Roseboro Quartet performs regularly in New York City.  The Quartet features Roseboro on trumpet, Travis Rueter on guitar, Jorge Roeder on bass, and two drummers Richie Barshay and Marcus Gilmore.  They Quartet is now working on a new album.

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