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Jonathan Michel


Photo by Lester David Hinton


Born and raised in Waterbury, CT Jonathan was first introduced to music by his father at the age of 4. By age 9 he’d moved from guitar, to piano, to trombone before finally settling on the bass.

Jon moved to Philadelphia in 2005 where he quickly immersed himself in the demanding bandstand education that the city has to offer. Learning from masters such as, Sam Dockery, Mickey Roker, Nina Bundy, Sid Simmons, and more, he became a regular at the benues in town. Since July 2010 Jon has been based out of New York City.

Along with the performing and recording he does in New York and Philadelphia, Jonathan performs internationally touring and serving residencies. Since 2007, Jon has ben a member of Grammy award winner, and R&B freat, Billy Paul’s band. Serving as Musical director the last two years. Jon has performed and toured with many great artists and leaders in music; Orrin Evans, Aaron Goldberg, Denise King, Melanie JB Charles, Paul Bollenbeck, Johnny O’Neal and Tim Warfield to name a few. In addition to co-leading an original music project the L.X.G. (, Jonathan is also building a portfolio as a composer and producer. With ongoing projects in film, R&B, and gospel, he is loking to make an enduring mark on the industry.