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Beck Burger


Beck Burger grew up in Boulder, Colorado and at the age of 12 started his passion for music on the accordion and would soon discover the blues, which became the basic ingredient in all of the music he would pursue and create later on. At 15 he started playing the piano, taking from what he had known about the accordion and applied it. By the time he entered college at the New School in 2003 he had already been playing in several rock, funk and jazz bands, and had toured several times throughout the Midwest.  After Beck graduated from the New School in 2007 he became a steadily working musician in NYC. He is currently a member of the Albert Rivera Organ Trio that has been playing every weekend since the summer of 2009, as well as toured several times around the New England area and the south. He has also become an experienced accompanist for National Dance Institute, which brings dance to elementary schools in NYC, and spends the summers as a music teacher for Litchfield Jazz Camp in Connecticut. He recently recorded an album of his own music called Strong Medicine.